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Bold mega volume eyelash extension set that give off drama while being lightweight

LASH Extensions

Our skilled technicians tailor each set to enhance your natural beauty, ensuring a glamorous, long-lasting finish that perfectly suits your style. Experience the transformative power of our lash extensions, designed to give you a flawless, eye-catching appearance.

Fluttery wet and wispy lash extension set that gives off a soft and feathery appearance
Bold mega volume eyelash extensions that give off drama while being lightweight



Embrace the essence of elegance with our Classic Set, where simplicity meets sophistication. Perfect for enhancing your natural beauty, each lash is meticulously applied to create a seamless, uplifted look that whispers glamour.


Dive into the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Set. A masterful blend of volume and classic lashes, tailored to offer a look that's as unique as you. Expect a textured, fuller appearance that stands out with subtlety.


Turn up the volume with our bespoke Volume Set. Ideal for those who crave depth and drama without the weight. Handcrafted fans of multiple lashes create a lush, dense look that feels as light as a feather.

mega volume

Experience ultimate opulence with our Mega Volume Set. For the bold and the beautiful, this set offers unparalleled density and drama, crafting a show-stopping, fluffy look that's nothing short of breathtaking.

wet set

Embrace the allure of the 'just-showered' look with our Wet Set. Designed to mimic the sleek, glossy appearance of wet lashes, this set offers a unique, sultry twist to your lash game, perfect for making a statement.

anime / manga 

Step into a fantasy with our Anime/Manga Set. Inspired by the wide-eyed, expressive looks of your favorite characters, this set delivers extra length and curl, creating a dramatic, doll-like effect that captivates and charms.


Immerse yourself in the drama of our Striplash Set, a full set of lash extensions designed to mirror the intensity and allure of traditional strip lashes. Perfect for those who desire the bold, unmistakable impact of a dramatic, dark lash line, this set offers the same glamorous finish but with the personalized fit and lasting wear of professional extensions.

wet and wispy

Meet the tantalizing fusion of sleek and fluttery with our Wet and Wispy Set. This innovative set combines the glossy, defined look of wet lashes with the soft, feathery appearance of wispy ends for a truly unique and enchanting aesthetic.

bottom lashes

Complete your lash transformation with our delicate Bottom Lashes. Designed to enhance the lower lash line, this subtle addition brings balance and beauty to your eyes, ensuring a full, captivating gaze from every angle.

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